Lack of attention to belt cleaner condition and adjustment can lead to conveyor system damage and other maintenance problems.

Mines commonly have conveyors carrying different types, sizes or grades of materials. Depending on the number of belts, monitoring belt cleaner wear and effectiveness can be labor intensive and require an experienced eye. Beyond carryback, dust and spillage, allowing a cleaner to go too long can lead to pull-through or detachment from the assembly, resulting in belt damage, equipment replacement and unscheduled downtime.

Martin Engineering has announced a factory-direct replacement program to deliver freshly molded polyurethane cleaner blades for conveyor belts. Custom-fitted on-site and installed free of charge, customers pay only for the replacement blades. The program, according to Martin Engineering, assures customers of accurately sized and professionally installed replacement blades that are matched to their specific application.

Martin offers the components and monitoring service free of charge for qualifying customers. The company said it also supports the components with factory-direct service and provides customer alerts without cost.