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From the Editor – Steve Fiscor – September 2018

The EV Era is Upon Us
The headlines relating to the demand for battery minerals seem to be everywhere these days. As this edition was going to press, Reuters reported that lithium and copper miners were competing for water supplies in the high desert that straddles the border between Chile and Argentina. Then there were the headlines relating to the declining cobalt prices, which have dropped from a recent high of $43/lb to less than $30/lb today. They said that signals the end to the battery minerals rush. That might be true for the speculators, but not the mining business.
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From the Editor – Steve Fiscor – August 2018

The Data Protection Reality Check
The European Union’s General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) caused quite the flurry of activity a few months ago. It and similar rules in Canada are forcing companies that maintain lists to explain how customer data is handled, and it also has had an impact as far as compliance with anti-spam policies related to email. Now companies must gain permission from those living in the European Union (EU) and Canada to email them and they must indicate they understand the company’s privacy policy. The deadline for compliance seemed to sneak up on some marketers and those who had cut corners are now scrambling to maintain lists in the aftermath.
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