Highly visible light beams provide a warning system for nearby workers to keep a safe distance away from this large loader working inside a dusty smelter dome.

Smelter staff and heavy equipment operators are benefitting from deployment of machine-mounted safety lighting at a major smelting operation in Queensland, Australia.

A team from RCT, a Western Australia-based provider of equipment automation and protection systems, worked with site managers to develop the solution as part of the company’s initiatives to safeguard personnel inside a copper smelter dome. 

The resulting Halo Exclusion Zone Safety Lighting System consists of beams of red light projected on the ground around a Cat 988K wheel loader that loads copper concentrate into hoppers inside the smelting dome. The lighting is projected on three sides of the machine so that pedestrian traffic inside the dome will be visually alerted to the machine’s presence.

RCT said its team selected this lighting system over other commercially available solutions as it can be clearly seen through the dusty environment inside the dome.