Category: Operating Strategies

Driving Sustainable Performance, One Load at a Time

It seems mining companies are always under pressure to cut costs and raise productivity. Not knowing future prices for their products, they need to extract each ton at the best possible cost. How can mining companies manage real...

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Tenova TAKRAF Joins the Revolution

Gunnar Zergiebel, head of Tenova TAKRAF’s Electrical & Control Systems group, sketched out the company’s strategy to advance Industry 4.0 concepts and benefits for its mining clients: In recent years, Industry 4.0 has...

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Mine’s 3-Pronged Approach Cuts Truck Service Time

A surface mine in BHP’s Queensland, Australia, coal-mining operations has succeeded in cutting by two-thirds the time needed to carry out regularly scheduled service for its 250-ton haulers. BHP’s Prospect blog reported that as...

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Rio Tinto, Cargill Transact Digital Ore Trade

Chinsay, a provider of contract digitalization solutions in the commodity and freight markets, recently announced completion of what it claims is the first fully digitalized iron ore trade, through a trial achieved in...

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Mining for Operational Excellence

Operational excellence in the mining industry is of critical importance because everyone operates in a similar way. The mining company that has complete end-to-end visibility of its natural resource extraction and marketing...

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Seven Strategies for Superior Shutdown Performance

By Andrew Attrill Maintenance shutdowns, in many respects, prove the rigor of a business’ management systems. While offline maintenance activities are generally planned, scheduled and executed as per business-as-usual...

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Industry Specific Maintenance Complexities

When it comes to heavy mining equipment, around-the-clock mission-critical operation and harsh conditions will inevitably cause damage and considerable wear to some common components. Some of these components pose particular...

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Mine-duty Water Cannon Designed for Remote Control

Australia-based guidance automation specialist RCT recently announced that underground mining equipment supplier Getman Corp. selected RCT to provide a mobile, teleremote control solution for a Getman A64HD water cannon ordered...

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