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Is Your Workforce Prepared for the Digital Mine?

With digital advancement comes a need to make sure workers are equipped with the right skillsets By Rebekah Kowalski and Barry Elliott Today, companies find themselves in a unique global position. Mine operations may be paused...

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ESG Solution Promises Transparency, No Spreadsheets

IsoMetrix, a global EHS software provider, recently announced the launch of a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solution. Designed to help organizations effectively understand and manage their ESG performance,...

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Tools for Better Blast Planning

Recently introduced blast-planning products from explosive suppliers Maxam and BME are aimed at providing mines with improved capabilities for customizing individual blasts for maximum effectiveness. Spain-based Maxam now offers...

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Fleet Management Software Integration

Modular Mining has launched a Public Application Programming Interface (API) designed for superior integration and increased openness among third-party technologies and Modular Mining’s IntelliMine portfolio. Through the Public...

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Aviation Risk Standard Helps Reduce Accidents

The Flight Safety Foundation said its Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) program is improving safety in North America and across the globe, with a decrease in aviation accidents in onshore resource industries such as mining...

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A New Tack for Technical Audits?

Engineering projects face a growing range of audits, assessment and monitoring, but will COVID-19 restrictions on movement make it difficult for consultants to carry out this work? The answer lies in leveraging information...

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Laser-based Warning Limits Portal Blockages

Autonomous solutions specialist RCT, in response to requests from mining clients, said it has developed a unique warning system designed to prevent oversized equipment from getting stuck in underground mine portals. Staff from...

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