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Data Solution Designed to Cut Dilution

Minnovare, a Perth, Australia-based drilling technology company, recently released a white paper in cooperation with Evolution Mining detailing a comparative study undertaken at Evolution’s Cracow gold mine in which stopes...

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Gain Greater Control of Mine Maintenance Budgets

When red-lined maintenance-cost items start jumping out with alarming regularity from gray columns of spreadsheet and budget report figures, most maintenance managers look for ways to regain control. Two recent data-analysis...

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Industry Experts: Crane Safety is an Ongoing Process

Cranes and other types of lifting gear are essential for constructing and maintaining mining facilities and equipment, and it’s almost impossible to visit a mine without seeing at least one at work, whether it’s on a service...

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World’s Biggest Shovel Nears Release

By Jesse Morton, Technical Writer A new shovel, in development for more than a half-decade, is hailed as the largest in the world and described by Komatsu as an evolutionary successor to the smaller 4100XPC. It will load...

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Sandvik Reveals Digital Data Sharing Policy

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has released its data interoperability policy, which specifies how Sandvik systems, equipment and tools share data in the mining digital ecosystem. A description of the policy is now available...

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