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ALTA 2018 Looks at Hydromet Processes and Problems

A panel discussion focusing on hydrometallurgical processing technology, held during the recent ALTA 2018 technical conference in Perth, Australia, highlighted major hydromet-related trends and issues of concern to plant...

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Canadian Mine Earns Plant Reliability Program Award

Detour Gold, operator of one of the largest gold-producing mines in Canada, was recently recognized by Emerson for its plant reliability efforts at the Detour Lake mine in Ontario. Emerson presented its annual Reliability...

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LEP-OES: How it Works

In liquid-electrode plasma systems, a liquid sample is inserted in a microchannel at the ends of which a high voltage is applied, generating a microplasma that acts as the excitation source for emission spectrometry....

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Ore Analyzer Uses MRI Approach

Copper miners may be able to reduce energy and water consumption for every ton of metal produced by using an ore sorting analyzer developed by CSIRO. Employing magnetic resonance technology, the analyzer rapidly identifies ore...

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