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Best of Germany

Providing Technology for Smart, Green and Safe Mining

Quality German solutions for digitalization, electrification and automation in mining are driving export sales, reports Klaus Stöckmann, VDMA Mining’s deputy managing director This year (2022) is a...

Creating Human-centered Smart Mines of Tomorrow

Aarti Soerensen and Elisabeth Clausen from the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) at RWTH Aachen University explore the impact of digitalization on the sustainability of the mining...

Creating Precise and Predictable Processing Plants

Data-driven insights are the new norm in mineral processing, boosting the efficiency of operations while minimizing costs and environmental impacts   Mineral processing operations were early...


Driving Efficiency, Lowering Emissions

From electrically driven haul trucks to predictive analytics and improved lighting, digital technologies are helping create the mine sites of tomorrow  Following the COP26 event in Glasgow, U.K., in...

Productive, Safe and Sound Underground 

The transformation of underground mining operations through the adoption of digital and electric technologies continues… Both digitalization (along with automation) and electrification already play...

Taking Mineral Processing to the Next Level

Future requirements for improved recovery while simultaneously minimizing waste, emissions and energy consumption require a new generation of technologies Extracting metals from mined ores requires...

Moving More Mined Materials to Market

Smart high capacity conveyor systems push capacity limits The mineral extraction process, which could take place by underground or open-pit mining methods, is only the beginning of the supply chain....

Ensuring Excellence Underground

As more mining operations, both new and established, head deeper underground, the need for safe, proven and digitally enabled technologies continues to grow Underground mining requires specialized...

Smart Options for Open-pit Mining

The mindset that relied on economies of scale has now shifted to mining smarter Most mined commodities are recovered using open-pit mining methods. Oftentimes, these activities take place in remote...


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MMI Events

09/24/2024 - 09/26/2024
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
International Mining and Minerals Hall
10/15/2024 - 10/17/2024
Seville, Spain
International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC)
10/29/2024 - 10/31/2024
Sydney, Australia