Fordia recently introduced several new core-drilling products, including the OWL self-locking core barrel head assembly featuring a patented latch design comprising two self-locking and independent latches.

According to the company, once the latches are deployed, they are locked in position by a piston and cannot be retracted, eliminating mislatching events. Key features of the unit include a design that allows minimal contact area between latches and rods, latch mechanisms fabricated from high-strength alloy steel, and fewer overall parts with less maintenance required. Also new in the company’s product lineup is a diamond core matrix specifically designed for drilling in soft, abrasive ground such as sandstone, shale or limestone. The new HERO 3 matrix is intended for ground types rated between 3.5 and 5.5 Mohs hardness, and in addition to offering excellent resistance to abrasion, also allows smooth transition when drilling in material that contains varying hardness levels. Finally, in partnership with Robco, a manufacturer of industrial lubricants, Fordia is now offering two new greases designed to reduce vibration while adequately protecting the drill rod string on diamond drill rods. Black Widow grease is extra-tacky to offer optimal performance, will not liquefy at high temperatures, and maintains its performance characteristics at low temperatures. Bio Black Widow is a biodegradable version of the product.