Kal Tire announced Wheel Inspection and Magnet Clamp, tools designed to improve the safety of work on wheels.

The Wheel Inspection scans and identifies cracks along weld lines or ring grooves. It saves mines from sending wheels away for testing. The Magnet Clamp is a remote-controlled clamp that secures and then releases the last two bolts on a tire and wheel assembly. The step, when done manually, is typically the most dangerous, and the tool removes the technician from potential harm, Kal Tire said.

The supplier also showcased its Tire Operations Management System, TOMS, data analysis software that improves planned maintenance and inspections by helping catch issues early.

Kal Tire reported Ultra Repair, the newest addition to its Maple Program, helps users quantify and report the environmental benefits of repairing verses buying new tires. The Maple Program is Kal Tire’s certified carbon calculator.

Kal Tire offers a process for repairing large tires that otherwise would be scrapped. The process reduces waste and cuts demand for new tires, which means it reduces a customer’s carbon footprint, Kal Tire said.