Mincom has released a major upgrade to its suite of software for mine design and modeling. MineScape 5, according to the company, delivers industry-leading tools to improve mine-planning accuracy at the start of a project, speed the ability to update plans in the face of constantly changing field data, and optimize resource coordination to decrease costs associated with idle equipment.

MineScape, which includes 15 modules, uses a true client-server architecture, which enables multiple departments to work on a plan simultaneously, thus shortening the time from planning to deployment. This services-based architecture has been further enhanced in MineScape 5, exposing geological modeling, mine planning and mine scheduling data and functionality to third-party applications and standard business process orchestration technologies, enabling true business process integration and automation. Other features include improved resource modeling and planning, which helps decrease costs associated with idle equipment, resources and transportation; a new, high-performance integrated 3-D CAD system; streamlined, flexible task-automation functionality that allows users to easily create tasks and build customized workflows; and a new plotting engine. Mincom will also offer licensing for a module-management system enabling various mining departments and personnel, including geologists, engineers and surveyors, to use and share different modules. Specific modules include block model, core minescape, geological database, stratmodel, dragline, drill and blast, haulage roads, ring design, open cut design, survey for open cut, schedule and underground coal design.