Master Lock’s Field iD group has released updates to its Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) module that focus on approving authored procedures, compliance and real-time visibility. The LOTO module is aimed at helping safety and compliance managers ensure equipment is properly locked out prior to any required servicing or maintenance. Field iD’s LOTO module continues to simplify meeting compliance standards, which, in turn helps to ensure the safety of employees on worksites. Safety and compliance managers can access and update Field iD’s LOTO module at any time, from any location using the Web, smartphones and tablets.

With the updates, the product now allows 1) Authoring Procedures with Audit Scheduling: To meet OSHA’s required annual procedure audits, Field iD users can now set up a recurring schedule for yearly LOTO procedure audits. This new automated scheduling helps ensure safety and compliance managers don’t miss required audits; 2) Compliance: Users can ensure adequate time to plan procedure audits in advance of planned equipment shutdowns with the new ability to see all upcoming procedure audits up to 90 days away; and 3) Real-time Visibility: Users now have visibility into equipment that does not have a published LOTO procedure in Field iD indicating a potential hazard. This real-time visibility helps en-sure that all equipment has up-to-date and published procedures available for when a lockout is needed. Additionally, having this complete view of all locked out equipment allows users to stay on top of all ongoing maintenance and work.