Metso Outotec launched the Concorde Cell for fine and ultra-fine particle recovery. The solution sets a benchmark for high-intensity pneumatic flotation, reducing plant operation costs and contributing to the sustainability of operations through minimized energy and water consumption, the supplier said.

Forced-air Blast Tubes treat 100% of fresh feed combined with tailings recycling for improved performance, allowing finer grinding to get extra liberation without the risk of valuable particles lost to tailings. The cell produces very high shear and extremely fine bubbles, which increases recovery in particles under 20 microns, Metso Outotec said.

Other benefits include optimized froth recovery with improved selectivity, and better process control and stability for further flotation optimization.

Also available are Blast Tube retrofit kits for upgrading self-aspirated pneumatic flotation cells to the Concorde Cell technology.

The cell is for complex ore grades, and is driven by industry trends that point to the need for improved flotation selectivity.