Matrix-minMatrix Design Group introduced OmniPro Vision AI, a collision avoidance system designed to provide alerts when pedestrians, vehicles and other potential hazards are detected.

OmniPro Vision AI allows for customized zones and can work in low-light and all-weather conditions. With a high-speed processing rate, the system minimizes false positives and nuisance alerts, Matrix Design Group said. It can detect individuals wearing PPE and pedestrians in any posture, can give visual and audible zone breach alerts, and can integrate with OEM controls for slowing and disabling machine movement.

OmniPro Vision AI can be aligned with the OmniPro InFocus cloud application, which delivers 24/7 access to an advanced dashboard with real-time metrics and analytics. All data, including zone breach incidents and timestamped photos, are recorded and stored. Reporting and analytics capabilities are available.

Separately, Infinitum and Matrix Design Group, a subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, announced an agreement to jointly develop and distribute high-efficiency, reliable motors and advanced motor controllers for the mining industry. Infinitum created the sustainable air-core motor.

Under the agreement, Matrix will integrate Infinitum’s smaller, lighter motor technology into mining equipment operated by Alliance’s mines to provide performance validation in a production environment. Matrix plans to offer the products to other mining companies worldwide.

Infinitum’s patented motor technology will replace traditional, heavy iron-core motors with a motor system that is 50% smaller and lighter, uses 66% less copper, and consumes 10% less energy.