Xylem unveiled the Flygt Bibo, a dewatering pump described as automatically adapting to the environment, operating only as needed, and delivering massive energy savings of up to 60% over traditional dewatering pumps. With the reduction of instances of dry running, operational wear and tear is reduced by up to 70%, cutting repair and maintenance costs by as much as 50%, Xylem reported.

Flygt Bibo offers two running modes, adaptive and level mode. Adaptive allows it to run continuously, but to adapt the speed to water levels. In level mode, it starts at a preset water level and stops when it detects snoring.

The unit has a lifespan that is four times longer than that of traditional dewatering pumps, Xylem reported. It was field tested for three years at the Renström mine in Sweden. As a result, the mine’s owner, New Boliden, ordered more pumps as part of its goal to develop the world’s first fully autonomous mine.

The pump is available in much of Europe and in Africa. Global release is set for this year.