Cummins launched the 4,400-hp QSK95 engine. For ultra-class trucks, it is the supplier’s most powerful engine.

The engine offers optimum power-to-weight ratio for 400-mt haul trucks, and a 3,800-hp rating with single-stage turbocharging for increased efficiency and power at high altitudes.

The QSK95 features a clean-sheet modular design for easy servicing, an average of 15% better life to overhaul, and a comprehensive Cummins warranty.

Leadership at the supplier said the engine was “groundbreaking” and “represents the very best design and performance from the entire Cummins portfolio in one outstandingly powerful engine.”

The QSK95 is available with PrevenTech, which, Cummins reported, closes the gap between machinery and the support it needs. The solution uses global data to update the monitoring of machinery, to help determine what needs to be addressed, and to anticipate problems before they occur, the company reported.

The solution boosts uptime and prevents damage that can have a domino effect, Cummins said. PrevenTech maps equipment locations via GPS, listing problematic assets according to the severity. It can determine and alert to when a machine is being used sub-optimally.

The solution is customizable, and different tiers and levels of support are available.