It is an exciting time to be in the mining industry. As our nation moves toward an ever-greener economy, mining will be more important than ever before. Green technological innovations need vast amounts of copper, silver, gold, lithium, rare-earth elements, and more. The future of mining is a bright one and an exciting one.  

Fifty years ago, a handful of top mining supplier companies founded AMIGOS to support the mining industry — an industry vital to their future. Little did they know the organization they founded would grow to become an industry powerhouse. 

Our members have developed amazing state-of-the-art technologies so that mines can better create wealth and quality of life, sustainably. 

And we, AMIGOS, are pretty good at creating quality of life, too. Our members employ tens of thousands of our Arizona friends and neighbors in high-paying jobs with good benefits.

AMIGOS stands for Arizona Mining and Industry Get Our Support, but it really means “friends.”  That title is earned every day by every AMIGOS member, not only by providing the best-of-the-best in goods and services to mines close to home and around the globe but also by standing up to be counted whenever the mines need support.

AMIGOS members are an important collection of firms working on projects locally and globally, with a strong employment presence in Arizona. And, while our members work on projects throughout the world, mining must continue to thrive here at home.  Our members will do all that we can to get new projects up and running while we continue to support longtime Arizona stalwarts. 

We will also continue to help our member companies thrive. Our online meetings connect our members face-to-face with mines near and far. Our Reverse Expos offering “speed dates” between suppliers and mine procurement personnel are hugely popular — and effective. Our luncheons, golf tournaments, sporting clays events, conferences, receptions, and mine tours provide opportunities for members to network with their mine customers and have a lot of fun, too.

If you are a supplier, join us! As a member, you will have opportunities to interface with top decision-makers at the mines. You will get known within the industry. Our online buyers’ guide at will be a great tool for you. There you can proudly promote your goods and services, company news and blogs, job openings, and upcoming events. AMIGOS membership will be one of your best business decisions.  

We are over 300 of the best-of-the-best in mining suppliers. We are AMIGOS. We invite you to be one, too.