TAKRAF will supply IPCC and IPSCC systems, a conveyor system, and more to Rio Tinto’s Simandou iron ore complex. (Image: TAKRAF)

Rio Tinto contracted TAKRAF Group to supply material handling equipment for the Simandou iron ore complex in Guinea. The contract entails the design, fabrication and delivery of advanced and integrated in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) systems and material handling systems.

TAKRAF will supply two primary IPCC systems incorporating two TAKRAF X-TREME class sizers to crush extracted ore received by truck. The project also includes an in-pit secondary crushing and conveying (IPSCC) system incorporating four TAKRAF sizers for further ore processing.

The supplier will also provide two rail-mounted stackers for stockpiling iron ore, two rail-mounted reclaimers for reclaiming it, and two railcar loading stations with buffer silos. TAKRAF said the project includes a complex conveyor system with transfer stations, including a technically sophisticated, long-downhill conveyor between the secondary IPSCC system and the stockyard.