Above, the ABB Robot Charger detects drilled holes in a rock face and installs explosive charges during mining operations. (Photo: ABB)

Chrysos Corp. partnered with Barrick Gold and MSALABS to deliver PhotonAssay technology to Barrick mine sites across four continents. The partnership extends the existing one between the three at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu mine in Tanzania and Kibali mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Chrysos Corp. will deploy three MSALABS-contracted PhotonAssay units to the Nevada Gold Mines complex in the U.S., with the potential deployment of up to 10 more PhotonAssay units to other Barrick projects by the end of 2025.

Chrysos Corp. said the development is a watershed moment that shows the solution’s superiority to traditional fire assay methods.

Barrick Gold said the development is a natural outgrowth from the success the solution has supported. “PhotonAssay has already been delivering faster, safer, more accurate and environmentally-friendly analysis to our African operations, so we are more than pleased to broaden the partnership with Chrysos and MSALABS to take advantage of this innovative technology in our global operations,” said Simon Bottoms, resource management and evaluations executive.

MSALABS said its holistic approach, including design, construction and process components, has resulted in seamless transitions from fire assay to PhotonAssay at Bulyanhulu and Kibali. “Development has continued with copper assaying and innovations in sample logistics and robotics, extending the capability, safety and productivity of the entire system,” said CEO Stuart Thomson.