Gold Fields taps Wenco for its FMS and for Benchmanager for excavators, drills and dozers at Salares Norte (above). (Photo: Wenco)

Gold Fields selected Wenco International Mining Systems for a fleet management system (FMS) and supplementary solutions for Salares Norte mine in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Wenco will supply its FMS and Benchmanager, a high-precision machine guidance system, to manage the site’s excavators, drills and dozers. The solutions, which use LTE technology, will gather real-time data to support rapid decision-making and to help increase productivity.

Salares Norte also bought Wenco’s ReadyLine asset health management system to help reduce unplanned downtime and extend equipment longevity.

Wenco said the supplier developed rapport with the miner while working together on the St. Ives project in Australia. “The successes we’ve had throughout Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, really shows the expansion of Wenco’s capabilities in the region in just the past few years,” said José Eugenio Saravia, regional manager, Latin America, Wenco.