NRW Holdings contracted MaxMine for its automation and analytics platform for the Dalgaranga gold mine in Western Australia. The platform will help NRW digitize the operation.

NRW said the development is in line with the company’s mission to add value for mining customers. “NRW emphasizes good data as a critical enabler of our operational effectiveness, and partnering with MaxMine, who are a leader in fleet operations data, allows us to continuously improve our performance for our customers,” said Tim Abrahams, general manager, mining division.

MaxMine said the two companies’ mission is to help mining customers meet sustainability goals. “The global challenge of NetZero by 2050 cannot be achieved without an order of magnitude change in mining efficiencies,” CEO Coert Du Plessis said. “Working with NRW is another fantastic example of great partnerships helping transform a critically important industry into a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly component of the world’s economy.”