World Mining Equipment

Neftex Petroleum Consultants, a supplier of global geoscience Earth Model products and services to the resource exploration industries, and mining-sector intelligence service IntierraRMG have announce a collaboration to integrate Neftex’s Earth Model coding and IntierraRMG’s mineral resource data to provide new mining insights, intelligence and value. 

The partnership, according to the two companies, links fundamental geoscience information to mining data and allows for a spatial, temporal and tectonic perspective on current production figures. It will highlight companies with geologically focused regional exploration strategies; uncover investment opportunities in new projects based on underlying geological criteria; and give greater insight into geologically analogous leases to highlight options for projects/portfolios. 

Neftex, based in Oxfordshire, U.K., is
a leader in developing an integrated
Earth Model, primarily supporting the
global oil industry, but more recently successfully applying this approach to the mineral exploration and finance sectors. IntierraRMG provides resource sector intelligence ranging from mining and mineral information, through to mine cash costs and M&A activity. 

The companies planned to begin presenting the proof of concept work for this collaboration to interested parties starting in late 2013.