Aranz Geo, developer of 3-D geological modeling software Leapfrog Geo, and ioGlobal, developer of ioGAS for geochemical exploratory data analysis, announced recently the “ioGAS Link” connecting Leapfrog Geo and ioGAS. The live link allows users of the two software packages to share geochemical and related data in real time.

Shaun Maloney, CEO of Aranz Geo, said, “We’re committed to advancing geological modeling and giving geologists the best tools to understand geology. A huge range of geochemical information can be gathered during exploration, mine development and mine operation. Incorporating this data into Leapfrog improves the model and further reduces risk. Now users of Leapfrog Geo and ioGAS can easily incorporate geochemical data for more robust modeling via the live link.”

The link combines the benefits of the two programs; ioGAS is software for geochemical analysis and the recently released Leapfrog Geo is claimed to be the “next generation” in implicit geological modeling. 

Among these benefits are:

The ability to quickly understand the geological implications of geochemical data. This, said the developers, will increase confidence and allow geologists to compare previous logging to their assay data. Leapfrog Geo’s intuitive workflows also make the ioGAS Link easy to use and highly accessible. 

Simplified data movement between the two programs. Existing assay data from Leapfrog Geo can be analyzed and enhanced within ioGAS and then returned to Leapfrog Geo to be visualized in 3-D.  Leapfrog Geo’s 3-D graphics ease interpretation and analysis, save time and in crease reliability. 

Solutions for logging problems and verification. New lithological units and alteration zones can be quickly created and defined by objective geochemical data, increasing the reliability of geological models. This is particularly useful for exploration projects through to geometallurgical domaining tasks.

Dave Lawie, general manager of ioGlobal, said, “This allows an unprecedented level of analysis between geochemical data and the predictive models mining professionals are required to produce. Geologists and engineers will be able to construct models, verified by geochemical data and incorporate these into their mine planning and exploration modelling simply and rapidly.”

Leapfrog Geo is the latest software innovation from Aranz Geo and advances the implicit modeling techniques pioneered in Leapfrog Mining. Leapfrog Geo delivers rapid dynamic modeling in a new intuitive workflow approach that simplifies model operation and enhances flexibility. Its 3-D graphics simplify and enhance communication to stakeholders. The resulting benefits increase modeling robustness and reduce an organization’s exposure to risk, according to Aranz. 

The features and workflows in ioGAS are claimed to be ideal for use with geometallurgical data. Parameters such as hardness, grindability, liberation and acid consumption, along with multi-element assays common in exploration, resource and grade control work, may be incorporated into the resource model to improve mine planning. ioGAS can turn such data into valuable qualitative information.