Tubi USA modular plants manufacture HDPE pipe on-site

Tubi USA modular plants manufacture HDPE pipe on-site. (Photo: Tubi USA Inc.)

Tubi USA Inc. launched a Mobile Modular Extrusion system, which reduces logistics, installation, and handling costs for the manufacture and installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

The breakthrough modularized production units operate at Tubi’s sites or each client’s site, directly reducing the cost of pipe transportation, and ensuring supply. The plants can be packed on to flatbed trucks and hauled to project sites in 72 hours.

Company leadership reported the modular plants cut the risk of handling large pipe lengths while delivering sustainability advantages by reducing truck traffic.

“Our game-changing modular technologies address the needs of an ever-increasing and far-spanning global community,” Tubi CEO Marcello Russo said. “With our geographies widening, there is a real demand to utilize more efficient, flexible and sustainable methods of operation.”