Competing in the major 30-ton size class for construction, road maintenance, small mining and quarrying ADTs, the TA300 is designed to give both the owner and the operator the features they want: safe high performance, low cost maintenance and comfort that allows the operator to work optimally through the shift.

Specifically, the TA300 weighs 22,485 kg (49,573 lb) net, offers a 28,000-kg (30.9-ton) payload and a 17.5-m3 (22.9-yd3) heaped capacity, among the largest in class. The body dump cycle time is 20 seconds. The weight distribution is 11,753 kg (25,913 lb) on the front axle, 5,315 kg (11,718 lb) on the leading bogie axle and 5,417 kg (11,942 lb) on the trailing bogie axle. Fitted with 23.5 R25 tires, the unloaded truck exerts a ground pressure of 119 kPa (17.2 psi) at the front and 541 kPa (78 psi) at the rear. Loaded, the pressures rise to 170 kPa (24.6 psi) at the front and rear.  Body options include liner plates and side extensions.

The standard power unit is a Tier 3 compliant Cummins QSM 11 six-cylinder engine delivering 287 kW (385 hp) gross power, which Terex says is the highest power and torque in this truck class. CAN-bus electronic control technology keeps the engine at peak efficiency at all times. Top speed is 50.4 km/h (31.3 mph). The heavy duty countershaft transmission is the 6WG 310 RPC from ZF which is fully automatic with manual override and linked to a Transmission Visual Display Unit. The axles are from the German manufacturer NAF (Neunkirchen Achsenfabrik AG) which Terex has worked with since April 2006. There are inter-axle and cross-axle differential locks providing 100% locking action. Load-sensing hydraulics reduce power loss, fuel consumption and heat generation, while the high-capacity cooling system enables the TA300 to operate across the climate range from Arctic to hot desert.

In addition to the wet disc braking system there is a two-stage automatic or manual engine braking system for hauling safely downhill without using the service brakes, which increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue, said Terex. However, perhaps the feature of the latest Terex trucks that differentiates them most from competitors is the cutting-edge, double-wishbone independent front suspension. The use of IFS began with the TA300’s predecessor, the TA30, but the system has been improved to provide an even better and quicker ride on rough terrain. A reduction in truck body vibration levels also extends service life, Terex added. The bogie beam rear suspension allows independent wheel movement to further improve the truck’s ride characteristics