Pneumacore Inc. says it has developed the world’s first fluorescing rim conditioner. Sentry, an enhanced version of Simoniz’s Sealtite Life X-tend tire conditioner, has fluorescing properties to enhance the detection of rim cracks, bead leaks, punctures, or any other signs of air loss in off-road tire applications.

Safety regulations require all cracked rims to be removed and serviced or discarded. These hazards, according to the supplier, can easily be identified with the use of a specially developed UV light. Developed specifically with low visibility environments in mind, such as underground mining and night time driving conditions, Sentry works equally as well in daytime or above ground environments. According to the vendor, Sentry also keeps the bead area pliable and the inner liner supple, prevents rim corrosion, is more stable at higher and lower temperatures than other leading tire conditioners, and has greater lubricity, allowing for easier mounting and dismounting of tires.