Komatsu America recently introduced the new WA500-8 wheel loader. Equipped with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final certified engine, this model includes upgrades that enable users to achieve low fuel consumption and high travel speeds. Standard bucket capacity is increased to 7.6 yd3 (5.8 m3) and the bucket now fills easier and retains material better, contributing to productivity gains of up to 10%. Also, by optimizing control of engine power and improving power train and hydraulic efficiency, the WA500-8 consumes up to 5% less fuel than its Tier 4 interim predecessor. The WA500-8 is sized and designed for loading smaller rigid trucks and articulated trucks or load and carry applications.

Major features of the new WA500-8 include a 357-hp (266-kW) SAA6D140E-7 engine, along with SmartLoader Logic combined with the lockup torque converter that activates in second, third, and fourth gear to provide optimal engine torque for improved acceleration, hill-climbing ability, a higher top speed and fuel savings. In the cab, a KOMTRAX telematics system monitors and displays key machine metrics, including KDPF status and DEF-level data, fuel consumption, plus performance information collected and sorted by operator ID. A dedicated, full-color, rear-view monitor is standard. For improved maintenance, the new loader provides a swing-out cooling fan, with wider fin spacing and auto-reverse, for ease of cleaning; gull-wing engine doors for quick, convenient access for daily checks and service items; and a sight gauge at the DEF fill cap to minimize overfilling.