Komatsu America Corp.’s new WA1200-6 wheel loader includes environmental, technological and ergonomic enhancements designed to improve productivity and cut operating costs. The 477,100-lb WA1200-6 is powered by a Komatsu SAADA16V160E-2 engine that delivers 1,892 gross hp at 1,800 rpm while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions requirements; net output has been increased by 132 hp to 1,765 hp at 1,800 rpm.

A new dual-mode active working hydraulic system allows the operator to select from two loading modes, and an rpm control system with auto deceleration allows the operator to set engine rpm at the optimum level while smoothly controlling loader speed with the accelerator. A variable transmission cut-off system for the left brake pedal is adjustable by a switch at the operator’s seat. When loading, the low setting reduces brake impact to prevent spillage, while the high setting can be used for traveling. An additional torque converter cooler was added as standard equipment to reduce oil temperature and increase cooling capacity. For hydraulic cooling, a new pump with increased oil capacity was added and oil circulation was revised to lower oil temperature. Two additional air cleaners were added and the size of the elements increased to extend capacity.