Gemcom Software has released an updated version of its Advanced Underground Design module for Gemcom Surpac geology and mine planning software.
According to the company, the Advanced Underground Design module forms part of a complete solution for underground mine planning together with Gemcom MineSched scheduling software.

With the solution, design, scheduling and analysis are seamlessly linked together to provide mine planners with more control over mine development and economic return. The underground mine planning solution can be applied to any underground mine layout. Starting with a solid model of the orebody and some simple string layouts created in Surpac, mining engineers can focus on creating safe and effective design layouts. With the Advanced Underground Design module users can make several designs that test different ideas and can set up and create MineSched development schedules automatically based on the scheduling precedence parameters.

All designs developed in the Surpac Advanced Underground Design module are created following a logical, easy to use and visual design process that utilizes a flowchart-driven approach. System users define the parameters for each element of the design, which are then saved in a secure database. Automation is built into design and scheduling, freeing engineers from repetitive tasks so they can spend more time analyzing and improving end results. Manual importing and exporting of data is eliminated as data flows seamlessly between design, scheduling and analysis, saving the engineer time and reducing potential errors. Development precedence logic is built into designs, which is automatically read and understood by the scheduling component, while schedule analysis capability allows users to interrogate and supplement the data used in development schedules.