Iowa Mold Tooling recently unveiled the new IMT CAS80R rotary screw air compressor—a single-stage, pressure-lubricated unit. The hydraulic-driven IMT CAS80R compressor offers 33% more air output than the previous model—up to 80 cfm at 150 psi (10.3 bar)—at a similar price point. Increased hydraulic cooling capabilities and an easy-to-set air pressure output give operators a greater range of machine operation. The IMT CAS80R compressor enables operators to run at higher cfm levels while at the same truck rpms currently used. The rotary screw model provides high-volume air for use in pneumatic tools (jacks, saws and impact wrenches, for example), tire service, sandblasting, painting, carbon-arc cutting and other compressed-air needs. The IMT CAS80R compressor features a hydraulic aftercooler that is integrated into the compressor design, minimizing weight and the physical footprint on top of the body sidepack.