McCloskey International has introduced the Fuel Hub product line—transportable tanks that allow for fast, efficient refueling at scattered work sites. Fuel Hubs are available in eight sizes with capacities ranging from 450 L to 10,000 L. The fuel tanks have 110% bunded capacity, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and making them PPG compliant.

McCloskey Fuel Hub 2000L

They feature an easily removable inner tank and outer lid for maintenance, cleaning and quick bund area viewing. Fuel Hubs feature primary and secondary manway access for speedy fuel connections. Three letterbox openings for convenience and neat hose and cable entry also offer extra security on site as the tops can be left closed and locked while in use. The primary hatch plate doubles as an access manway and a smaller secondary hatch plate is designed and positioned to fit the user’s desired onsite usage requirements. The outer top lid has a 6° pitch running down its center to shed water or dust. It is fully removable to allow for full access to the bunded area, allowing the inner tank to be completely independent of the outer lid. The Fuel Hub can be lifted when full and features bidirectional forklift pockets, internal baffles and four galvanized lifting hooks positioned to ensure balance. With its galvanized hex corners, the Fuel Hub is also space efficient, and can be stacked two high when full or three high when empty. The Fuel Hub is environment friendly and has certifications across a broad range of industries worldwide.