Anderol Specialty Lubricants, a division of Chemtura Corp., recently announced that the Anderol 5000 PLUS EP synthetic gear oil product series, which is designed for gear applications requiring high micro-pitting resistance and protection under extreme conditions, is the first product to receive approval from General Electric (GE) for use in off-highway vehicle motorized wheel gearbox applications under GE’s new gear oil specification D50E35.

chemturaThe approvals are for ISO VG 220, 320, 460, and 680. The new specification took effect on January 1 and requires high micropitting resistance and superior performance in other demanding bench tests. As Anderol explained, gearboxes in off-highway equipment are subjected to extreme loads and low speeds, which highly stress lubricants. These operating conditions can result in micropitting damage, a precursor to pitting and gear failure. According to the company, its PAO/ester-based Anderol 5000 PLUS EP gear oils are formulated using a specific balance of advanced synthetic base stocks and additives to provide performance greatly superior to conventional petroleum oils, including significantly improved load carrying ability, excellent wear and rust protection, higher viscosity indices, higher flash points, low pour points, cleaner running systems, and improved thermal and oxidative stability.