Viasat and Skylo Technologies announced the launch of “the world’s first global direct-to-device network.” Combining Skylo’s satellite technology with Viasat’s licensed spectrum holdings, the network will support smartphone services and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Benefits are available to OEMs and miners. The network will provide opportunities for OEMs to embed connectivity into their smartphones, wearables, vehicles, machinery and other devices. Internet-of-Things solution providers could use the continuous connectivity and to scale their solutions globally. Mining operations could gain access to enhanced connectivity through cellular or satellite without the need for proprietary satellite hardware, reducing costs and contributing to the optimization of productivity and supply chain, Viasat said.

Initial deployments are planned for early 2024 in North America, using the Ligado SkyTerra satellite network, followed by a global rollout. Partners and customers will be able to access the services through Viasat or Skylo.