Tennessee, USA-based Walter Meier Mfg. claims its Wilton B.A.S.H. sledge hammers with “Unbreakable” handle technology are the world’s most durable hammers. The innovative B.A.S.H. hammer line features a steel core design that prevents breakage during overstrikes, which is the most common cause of failure in wood- and fiberglass-handled sledge hammers.

Swinging a sledge hammer and losing the head is a serious safety hazard. To address hammer head dislodgement, B.A.S.H sledge hammers feature a hardened steel safety plate that secures the head with six steel rods. These rods are bound together, locking down the hammer head to eliminate dislodgment. They run the entire length of the handle and serve as the handle’s core. Ergonomic, full-length, textured rubber, non-slip handle grips are standard on all models. Vibration from striking is dampened by the handle’s anti-vibe neck.  Surrounding the hammer’s neck is thick rubber padding to dissipate vibration when overstrikes occur.  Also, just below the bottom of the handle top is a steel reinforced hole to loop and secure a lanyard. B.A.S.H. hammers are available with 2.5- to 20-lb (1–9 kg) heads and 12- to 36-in. (305–914 mm) handles. In addition, the company’s Soft-Face B.A.S.H sledge hammers have all the features of conventional B.A.S.H hammers, but are specifically designed to mushroom when striking hard-base materials. Soft face hammers are available with 2.5- to 14-lb heads and 12- to 36-in. handles.