Magnalight now offers an LED light tower that provides an economical alternative to halogen and metal halide light towers. Designed to provide high-quality illumination for large areas, Magnalight says its WALTP-2XWP400 LED light tower produces as much light as comparable halogen towers and rivals metal halide units for total area coverage.

Costing less than traditional HID towers, this LED light tower provides further savings through reduced energy consumption and elimination of frequent bulb replacements. The telescoping tripod tower is equipped with two waterproof and vaporproof 40W LED light heads producing a total of 2,924 lumens and can be extended from 4 ft to 9 ft (1.2–2.7 m) in total height. Each LED light head is constructed of aluminum and finished in a durable powder coat for durability and corrosion resistance. Polycar-bonate lenses provide impact-resistant protection for the LED lamp assemblies, and integral cooling fins provide cooling to extend and preserve the LED’s 50,000-hour lamp life rating. The aluminum tripod has a removable light head bracket and collapsible legs to provide easy take down and transport capability. According to Magnalight, the unit uses far less power than either metal halide or halogen light towers, and has none of the associated high heat or fragile filaments and glass associated with traditional towers.