Immersive Technologies has released its next generation Advanced Equipment Simulators—the PRO3 for surface mining and the UG360 for underground mining. Available in transportable and classroom versions, the PRO3 offers the important benefit of remaining compatible with 500+ existing Immersive Conversion Kits (interchangeable machine controls), as well as previously developed custom lessons, scenarios and mine sites.

This allows AES 2 and AES Series 2B customers to transition to the PRO3 without having to replace existing Conversion Kits and supporting systems. Technological advances for the PRO3 surface mining simulator include a seamless 180° visual display system and a unique feature that dynamically adjusts the perspective of the operator, providing a true real-world view outside of the cabin while increasing the operator’s level of depth perception. Immersive Technologies claims the UG360 underground equipment simulator is the first of its kind to deliver the level of realism accuracy required for training, and includes a new 360° visual system designed specifically for the needs of underground mining. Both simulators are equipped with new motion platforms that are claimed to accurately simulate the movement of mining equipment.