Mico’s new 520 Series hydraulic, fixed caliper disc brake for on and off-highway service braking applications uses a modulated hydraulic pressure source, such as a master cylinder, to control brake torque. It can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position and linings can be replaced without removing the brake.

The brake includes two ductile iron caliper halves that are pressurized by a single inlet port cross-over tube feature, which allows hydraulic pressure to actuate the 2.25-in.-diameter piston in each half. The unit provides for continuous duty pressure of 1,000 psi and intermittent duty pressure of 1,500 psi. Weighing approximately 17 lb, the brake requires a minimum disc diameter of 15 in. To reduce unnecessary lining wear, the brake features a spring-operated lining retractor mechanism that maintains a constant lining-to-rotor disc clearance distance whenever the brake is not applied. The total lining contact area is 12.4 in.2, with a usable lining thickness of 0.32 in. on each side. Linings can be replaced without disassembling or removing the brake, allowing for reduced maintenance time and costs. The unit can be attached directly to a threaded hanger or clamp.