Minemax has released Minemax Scheduler version 6.1.9 with Capital Expenditure (Capex) functionality enhancements. These enhancements, which include modeling alternative capital purchase options (Mutually Exclusive Sets) and the ability to define the order of Capex availability (Dependencies), are now available to all maintained users.

The Mutually Exclusive Sets feature allows modeling of alternative Capex options such as different plant sizes and defining those options as mutually exclusive, which ensures the selection of only one option at a time. With this framework, capital decisions are made optimally, in the context of the mining schedule, removing the need for guesswork or running optimizations for every alternative. The Dependencies feature is used to define an order for Capex options such as purchasing multiple capital resources or for developments in a supply chain. A dependency can be set between two capital expenditure options to ensure that the second option may not be exercised before the first. These new features extend the Capex functionality introduced in version 6.1.7.