Fairchild International says its 35C-LV-AC Low-Vein AC VFD battery-powered scoop is ideal for seam heights of 36–48 in. (914–1,219 mm). Safety features of the scoop include grade speed control and load capacity stability for safer operation on slopes and pitching seams; reduced need for battery change-outs; reduced need for battery maintenance and watering, reducing exposure to battery acid; brushless motors and programmable speed and torque to match operator experience and mine environment. Performance improvements include higher speed and torque throughout an entire battery charge cycle; superior creep speed capability for improved operator control; constant tram speeds regardless of grade and bucket load; and larger-diameter drive lines and universal joints to withstand higher speeds and increased torque. The scoop’s motor is equipped with an encoder that allows for a soft tram start, while the motor’s significantly lower drive temperature improves the performance of electrical components due to lower heat generation. All programming and troubleshooting can be done on a diagnostic readout mounted in the operator’s compartment, eliminating the need for a hand-held data programmer. And, the machine’s dynamic braking capability reduces wear on cables and motors, as well as the drive system. www.fairchildint.com