Atlas Copco’s42-metric-ton-capacity Minetruck MT42 underground hauler has been upgraded, with the latest set of improvements including a new box style with an innovative tailgate design, as well as an engine alternative compatible with current engine emission regulations.

MT42 rear FotografThe high-strength-steel box has the same dimensional envelope as the previous model but a reduced dump height. The box’s internal plate angles optimize its overall geometry to release material easier. The hydraulically operated tailgate serves as a spill guard and folds down automatically behind the box before dumping without affecting ground clearance or rear-view camera visibility. The operator monitors the gate’s status from a display in the cabin.

Engine options for the Minetruck MT42 now include emission requirements of EPA Tier 4 final. The engine is fully integrated into the Minetruck MT42 Rig Control System (RCS). Particulate filter condition and diesel exhaust fluid level can be monitored from the cabin display.

The Minetruck MT42 is ready-wired for an optional electromagnetic retarder braking system. During decline hauling, the retarder creates resistance, retarding motion for wear-free braking. Under the right conditions, it also allows higher ramp speeds.