Gemcom Software International has released Gemcom MineSched 7.1, the latest version of its scheduling software for surface and underground mines. Gemcom says MineSched provides mining companies with the capabilities they need to develop economic, easy-to-mine schedules. MineSched 7.1 further builds on the system’s ease-of-use by adding industry- and user-requested enhancements that make it simpler to operate. In this version, surface mine schedulers have the ability to calculate truck hours directly in the software. This enables more accurate calculation of fleet requirements, possibly leading to cost savings where fleet requirements can be reduced through more efficient scheduling. Other MineSched 7.1 improvements include integration of all tasks related to development and production scheduling into the same 3-D environment; enhanced interactive graphical sequencing; new truck haulage capabilities; and generation of reports on truck hours and fleet requirements in the dashboard, allowing for quick analysis of changing requirements over the life of the schedule.