Maxxeon’s Pocket Floodlight combines the convenience and compact size of a penlight with the light output of a work light. As the company explains, maintenance workers often use a penlight-style flashlight instead of a work light when working in confined spaces since flashlights are smaller and are not tethered to a power outlet by an extension cord. However, a flashlight has a very narrow light beam with uneven illumination, and the amount of light produced is far less than that produced by a work light. Maxxeon claims to have overcome all of these issues with the Pocket Floodlight, stating that the light output of 120 lumens is up to 20 times the amount of light produced by many penlights. The state-of-the-art LED has a special wide-angle light beam making it an ideal light for close inspection. The special design also provides a clear, uniform light pattern, without the hot spots and dark spots that are common to most flashlights. The Pocket Floodlight also is available with a UV LED for use in dye leak detection or a red LED for night use.