The J.D. Neuhaus Co. offers a wide range of lifting products including cranes, hoists and winches, operated by compressed air or optionally, hydraulics, which ensures a high degree of explosion-proofness when handling hazardous chemicals or when working in otherwise dangerous environments or atmospheres. Lifting equipment is 100% duty cycle rated and can be remotely controlled using pendant cable controllers, or wireless hand-held radio operated units. The JDN general duty mini series air hoists, with lift capacities from 125 kg (275 lb) to 1000 kg (3,300 lb), are rated Ex  II 3 GD IIA T4(X). All units, including larger-capacity JDN handling products with lift capacities up to 115 metric tons, are suitable for lube-free operation with easy maintenance. They feature sensitive, infinitely variable speed control for precise load positioning, with overload protection as standard. They are also insensitive to dust, humidity, fumes and other generally poor working conditions and can operate in a temperature range of  20°C to 70°C. Special purpose hoists for big bag handling or twin parallel hoist units with synchronized lifting can also be supplied, together with low-headroom hoists where limited space is available.