BinMaster and Device Solutions announced a strategic alliance that they claim will “revolutionize” remote monitoring, allowing customers storing bulk materials to monitor and manage data from all types of sensors for properties such as level, temperature, moisture, humidity or flow and be alerted when predetermined thresholds have been met.

The backbone of the system is a wireless communication device based upon the Cellio IIoT platform developed by Device Solutions that BinMaster will market as BinCom, in which transceivers and gateways send data from sensors to cloud-based application software. The BinMaster BinCom device roadmap will offer a variety of models compatible with Cellular CDMA, Cellular GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet communication platforms. Remote data monitoring can be done via a PC, tablet, or smartphone and can be set up to send automated alerts via email or SMS text. Device Solutions has developed flexible dashboards that can be customized by users and by the type of sensor data they wish to monitor. BinCom is compatible with a variety of BinMaster sensors or currently installed sensors supplied by BinMaster or other manufacturers. The standard BinCom interfaces include both analog and digital, and support 0-5VDC, 4-20 mA, dry contacts, Modbus and RS-485 outputs. The BinCom data monitoring and asset tracking solutions will be offered by BinMaster as complete systems including sensors, BinCom transceivers, gateways and asset trackers, cloud-based services and other options.