Multotech reported the MultoComposite rubber integrated mill liners, for mills of 8-m-plus dia., are more cost-effective and lighter than steel liners, the company said.

The liner profiles can be uniquely designed to the specification of the mill, and can be installed faster that can steel liners.

The supplier uses a mill’s historical data and operating parameters to design MultoComposite liners. It runs computer simulations to predict the efficiency and life of the liners.

Multotec also uses advanced software to monitor mills for actionable insights. “We provide condition monitoring services via our patented Hawkeye software that incorporates a 3D scanner and produce a detailed report highlighting the efficiency of the mill,” said Armando Figueiredo, product development manager, Multotec. “Hawkeye predicts when the liners start becoming inefficient and foresees the shutdown date,” he said. “This program enables us to perform predictive maintenance, meaning that clients’ stock levels can be decreased by as much as 60%.”

Thus far, the liners have been sold to operations in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Turkey, North America and elsewhere.