ESCO Tool offers a new, patented safety chain lanyard with dual spring hangers that offset the weight of a heavy tool to facilitate alignment and improve operator safety.

163710 Safetytoolhange73274The Millhog ET-800 dual spring hanger with an integral safety chain lets users safely maneuver all types of heavy or bulky tools without worrying about spring-only hangers that could break. Featuring a top and bottom steel plate, two drawbar springs, and a built-in chain, this safety hanger provides the balance and control needed to simplify heavy tool alignment, according to the supplier. Designed to limit the travel of the springs to 3.5 in. (90 mm) and prevent bottoming out, breakage and personal injury, the unit is claimed to be intrinsically safe because its 48-in.-long (1.22-m) chain is rated at 4,500 lb (2,041 kg), is secured into milled slots on two steel plates, and is retained by welded covers. Each drawbar spring is rated at 610 lb (277 kg).