XCMG Vertical Milling Machine-min

XCMG Machinery announced the successful trial of what it said is the world’s first vertical milling mining machine, the XVM160.

The machine has a mining area of 6 m by 2.5 m, a mining depth of 100 m, and uses a “continuous self-sliding transportation method for ore,” the supplier said. “This makes it the most powerful mining production equipment currently available.”

Designed for phosphate mining, the machine uses its own weight to crush ore. “With a milling rotor torque of 4×120 kNm and a milling speed of up to 40 rpm, the XVM160 not only boosts the efficiency of stone crushing but also cuts down on energy consumption,” XCMG said. The machine’s “mining efficiency outperforms traditional mining equipment by threefold, and it can potentially slash mining costs by around 30%.”