Siemens has unveiled Flender Gearlog—its digital measurement technology for gear sets, allowing the capture of values relating to rotational speed, torque, temperature and in future versions, vibration using special sensors. Flender Gearlog comprises a software solution linked to a hardware component and sensor equipment. Measurement results are logged, saved and digitally depicted in compressed form. Operators are able to visualize the results at any time or access them as a dataset. The full transparency of operating data provided by the system enables it to be used to identify possible sources of damage, capacity reserves and overloading for the measured gear.

The system allows application-specific load collectives, which often vary for operational reasons, to be matched against the operational stability of individual gear components and also other elements of the drive train. Special algorithms are used to compress the time signals and depict wide-ranging information relating to operating data on a digital basis. Siemens said it also offers associated services such as installation and commissioning, secure access to all data, scheduled evaluation of data, and status reports.