Metso Outotec Larox FFP3716Metso Outotec introduced the Larox FFP3716, a new FFP-series high-capacity filter for demanding tailings applications. With compact plate pack design and smart automation, it redefines the overall standard in reliability, capacity and safety in tailings filtration, the supplier reported.

An optimum plate pack design reduces wear on plate pack and cloth components. The new design of the closing and sealing mechanism with individual controlled sealing cylinders ensures squared plate pack at any time, resulting in long lifetime of the pack, Metso Outotec reported.

Features include a 2,000-m2 filtration area, a 44-m3 chamber volume, up to 16 bars operating pressure, a smart hydraulic system, and readiness for remote production application support.

The company also introduced the Filter Optimizer to boost the performance of Larox PF filters. It stabilizes the effect of upstream process variations, and gives more control over the solid/liquid separation process, the supplier reported.

Key benefits include maximized productivity, optimized energy consumption, consistent residual cake moisture and improved process visibility.