Victaulic, a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, has incorporated a major update to its Style 77 coupling. The two-piece coupling, a mainstay in the mining industry, is now available in 14 to 24-in. sizes (350 to 600 mm).

The two-piece Style 77 was previously only available for pipes up to 12 in., and a multi-piece housing was required for pipes 14 to 24 in. in diameter. The Style 77 coupling, designed for cut grooved systems, creates a flexible joint and is ideal for abrasive service piping, such as tailings and slurry lines. Maintaining the same design characteristics as the multi-segment coupling, the new two-piece design reduces handling and enables easier and quicker installation. The Style 77 is rated for 300 psi service (2,065 kPa) from 14 to 22 in. (350 to 550 mm), and for 250 psi service (1,725 kPa) in the 24-in. size (600 mm).