Boart Longyear DTH-HammerBoart Longyear has introduced its BLH series of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits for almost all DTH applications, including geotechnical drilling, quarrying/mining, water well/geothermal, and mineral exploration. The BLH DTH hammer range includes the valved BLH5, BLH3, and the valve-less BLH1 models. Designed to be compact, the BLH5 hammer is 30% shorter and weighs 20% less than typical DTH hammers, according to the company. Design benefits include balanced operation with minimized vibration due to the piston in the hammer having virtually the same mass as the bit; better productivity in various ground conditions from high frequency, low vibration operation; elimination of problematic exhaust tubes or foot valves on bits; and resistance to breakage through the splines with a 50% larger shank cross section than comparable units. The BLH3 DTH hammer range, said the company, adds a reliable and robust steel valve system to increase productivity over valve-less hammers. The valve-less BLH1 DTH hammer range balances simplicity and performance, with minimal moving parts. Boart Longyear DTH hammers range from 4 in. to 20 in., with a full complement of bits available. Boart Longyear also offers accessories including lubrication systems and break-out benches.