Austin Engineering reported it commissioned the first of its Stairway Access Tank (SAT) trucks. The first tank off the line has a 198,000-liter capacity, is fitted to a CAT 793C haul truck, and is reported to be the biggest water truck in Australia.

The truck features a stairway from the top of the tank structure down to the access port for easy entry and exit for personnel and maintenance equipment to the tank interior. It features a series of oversize rectangular access ports and a unique baffle system, the company reported. The system interlocks the baffles for increased structural integrity, controls both transverse and longitudinal water surging, and reduces the overturning forces by 19%. The system allows for a lighter-weight tank. The fill port is located behind the water dam to ensure any overflow flows away from the cab and deck to the rear of the truck.

Custom-built to suit most haul trucks, the new SAT starts at 14,000-liter capacity and includes all spray equipment along with the company’s Water Wise system.